About GVRN

Operating a decentralised organisation is not easy.

We know.

And operating a decentralised organisation efficiently in a manner approved by your lawyers?


This is why we have created GVRN - our flagship product which is a governance solution tailor made for DAOs by entrepreneurs that build them, investors that finance them and the service providers that do their paperwork. Yes - we even brought the lawyer along.

Our objective is to deliver a solution which seamlessly mirrors on-chain governance decisions onto off-chain legal infrastructure. Each DAO proposal which is voted through by tokenholders frictionlessly reflected in legal authorisations easily understood by the suits with no intervention required from the DAO’s administrators. We give on-chain governance decisions the force of law.

This way, we ensure that no DAO has to choose between moving fast, breaking things and risk its members potentially incurring the wrath of the likes of Mr Gensler and being buried under paperwork, red tape and absurd invoices from the suits.

Our long-term vision?

To deliver further products which will set a new standard for the operation and management of decentralised organisations.


Weekly Article

Drafting Governance Proposals – Part II

This second part considers the role of governance proposals as authorising documents to the responsible persons to enact the will of the collective if the governance proposal is passed and best practices a draftsman should abide by.

September 14, 2023


Drafting Governance Proposals – Part I

Previously, we considered the important role that aconstitution has in setting the groundwork for an effective DAO. Havingconcluded that good governance is anchored on the bedrock of a well-drafted constitution, how do we then ensure that ongoing governance decisions can be made byparticipating tokenholders and efficiently, effectively and accountably executed by the DAO’s executive team?

September 7, 2023


The Constitution – The Cornerstone of Governance

The cornerstone of a DAO is its constitution from which governance flows. A thoughtfully drafted constitution sets a DAO up for long-term success whilst a poorly drafted one sets it on the road to governance hell. Founders interested in the longevity of the DAOs they create should accord the constitution the same level of care and thought as they would in designing a DAOs tokenomics.

August 31, 2023

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